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Children of the Light (2014)

    SATB, Soprano & Baritone solo, Piano 4 hands (~30 mins.)

    Texts: From Genesis 1, Isaiah 60, Psalm 36, St. Catherine of Siena, John Newell; a large scale concert work

               in nine movements.

    Level: Medium to advanced; limited divisi in all parts

I.      And God Said

  1. II.    Light, Eternal Light

  2. III.In Your Light

  3. IV.My Nature is Fire

  4. V.Hear, O People!

  5. VI.Kyrie Eleison

  6. VII.Light of Heaven

  7. VIII.Arise, Shine!

  8. IX.Light, Eternal Light - Thanks Be to God

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Devotional Chants and Mantras (2011)

     Solo voice or group singing; most selections include optional accompaniment.

    Texts: A collection of short texts, some original and some from sacred writings. These 53 chants are easy

               to learn and sing. They are intended for use in one’s personal meditation and prayer. Many of them

               are also suitable for use in group worship.


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God is Love (2012)

    SATB, a capella (~2 mins. 45 sec.)

   Text: Steve Colhoun, adapted from various Psalms; this is a reflective work, most suitable

             for a worship service.

     Level: Easy to medium; some divisi in soprano; my choir found it easy to learn.   

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Seven Antiphons for Advent  (2011)

    Unison voices with optional chordal accompaniment (~4 1/2 mins.)

    Text: The O Antiphons (dating from before the 8th century CE)

    Level: Easy


Veni Creator Spiritus  (2005)

    SATB divisi, a capella (~5 mins.)

   Text: Attributed to Rabanus Maurus of Mainz (9th century CE)

    Level: Advanced


Suite of English Lyrics (1981, rev. 2009)

    SATB, a capella (~ 12 mins.)

    Texts: Anonymous sacred and secular English lyrics from the 14th & 15th centuries

    Level: Advanced

  1.   I. I sing of a maiden    II. Adam lay ybounden    III. Westron wind (baritone solo)


   IV. Ich am of Irland (SSA)    V. Jesu Crist, myn leman swete    VI. Alas! Deceite


The Greatest of These is Love (2000)

    SATB, soprano solo, piano (~4 1/2 mins.)

    Text: I Corinthians 13

    Level: Intermediate


Kyrie Eleison (2001)

    SATB divisi, a capella (~9 mins.)

    Suitable perhaps more for concert use than in a liturgical setting

    Level: Advanced


O Lord, if my lips could sing (1998)

    SATB, organ (~ 1:30 mins.)

    Text: from a Jewish hymn, 3rd-5th cent. CE
    Easy to intermediate; suitable for all faiths, as an anthem or call to worship.


Make a Joyful Noise (1998)

    SATB, organ (~1:30 mins.)

    Text: Psalm 100
    Easy to intermediate; suitable for all faiths as an anthem for all faiths.


Wake Up Children (1997)

    SATB a capella , soprano descant (~4 mins.)

    Text: John Newell

    Level: Intermediate, with a lively gospel rhythm, and high soprano descant.


O Sing Unto the Lord (1997)

    SATB, piano 4 hands  (~4:30 mins.)

     Text: from Psalms 96 & 98 
     Easy to intermediate; suitable as an anthem for all faiths.


Eleven Choral Responses (1997)

    SATB (some divisi) 

    Texts: Prayer responses (Amen)

    Level: Easy; for use in church services of all faiths.


Our Father, Who art in Heaven (1996)

    SSATB a capella  (~2:30 mins.)

    Text: The Lord’s Prayer

    Level: Easy; an extremely moving setting that quickly becomes a favorite of choruses.



O Sabbath Rest of Galilee (1995)

    SATB divisi, a capella, soprano solo  (~2:00 mins.)

    Text: John Greenleaf Whittier

    Level: Advanced



Noel  (1995)

    SSATB, a capella (~3 mins.)

    Text: Elaine Haas
    Level: Intermediate; an intimate depiction of the mother and child at manger scene.

              First performance by the Laurentian Singers, St. Lawrence University.



Pleasure It Is  (2014)

    SAB, a capella (~1 1/2 mins.)

   Text: William Cornysh (d. 1523)

    Level: Easy to medium

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