I truly enjoy collaborating with performing groups to create and present new works, and consider it an honor to be commissioned to compose new music, whether for professional, educational or amateur groups.

Commission Rates

My rates are negotiable and depend on a number of factors, including the size of the ensemble/instrumentation, length of the piece, and time frame for the anticipated premiere. Contact me to discuss a rate that works best for your organization.

Included in the commission fee will be the costs of engraving, part extraction and printing – my objective being to assure the highest quality score for your ensemble. Any travel expenses (i. e. attendance at the premiere) or fees for assistance in rehearsing or presenting a new work will be negotiated separately in advance.

Planning Considerations

It is best for all concerned to plan well in advance of the intended first performance. In order to proceed, we will need to define the following:

  • Instrumentation and/or voicing
  • Size of the ensemble
  • Proposed length of the piece
  • Particular ensemble considerations (e.g. soloists and, for amateur groups, an objective description of particular strengths and weaknesses)
  • Deadline for receipt of the score, based on adequate preparation and rehearsal time
  • Date, time, and place of premiere
  • How the commissioning information and/or dedication should read
  • Any projected plans for recording or subsequent performances


For vocal or choral works we will discuss any specific text considerations you may have, e.g. a particular concert program theme. The selection of text is paramount for me and, while suggestions are certainly welcome, I will make the selection. In all cases I will obtain permission to used the chosen text before proceeding. Such permission can prove to require time and additional expense; this is another reason to plan well in advance.


As the composer, I am entitled to the copyright for all of my works.  As the commissioning party, you may request sole performing rights of the work for an allotted amount of time without performance by another ensemble.

Performing Rights

I am a member of Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and  report my premieres and other performances to that performing rights organization. Most concert halls pay a fee to ASCAP or BMI for performance of works by their registered members. I ask that your performance venue registers the performance of my piece with BMI, as I receive a small payment from these performances.


I would appreciate a recording of the premiere performance for my own personal use. This recording may not be sold or posted online without my permission.


Once an agreement is reached I will have a contract drawn up to specify everyone’s commitments and rights. I will be glad to provide a sample contract for reference.


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