Epiphany is a very appropriate religious season for the northern latitudes. It celebrates the revealing of the light of Christ. Yes, with the visit of the magi and the baptism of Jesus by Simeon: the revelation of the “light to enlighten the nations.” (We haven’t gotten it yet.)

During this season we also celebrate the baptism of Jesus by John, the beginning of his mission, with the voice of God and the Holy Spirit descending as a dove;  and the Transfiguration, where it is revealed to several disciples who Jesus is. (We haven’t gotten this yet, either.)

In our part of the world the days are beginning to get noticeably longer (yes, even as the cold get stronger). The darkness begins to part. There is hope.

Regardless of your religious tradition or inclination, this is a time to celebrate the light that shines through all creation. Realize the light within you. Then, in the words of my brother Roger, “let us be the instrument that God needs to change the lives of others around us. Let’s equip ourselves to be His people where we are and thereby fulfill the purpose for which He gave us life in the very beginning.”

Below is a short hymn or chant that I composed some years ago. It is included in my collection, Devotional Chants and Mantras. Here is the audio clip:  Light of Heaven

   Light of heaven, pure and indestructible, beyond arising and ceasing.

   Give us your blessing. Purify, transform, awaken us.

   Shine through our words, deeds and thoughts,

   That we may give blessings to others. 

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