A Timbered Choir (2017)

SATB with some divisi, piano

Level: Intermediate to advanced

Texts: from A Timbered Choir (The Sabbath Poems 1979 – 1997) and New Collected Poems by Wendell Berry

Each movement in this set is unique, ranging from a cappella with frequently divided parts to unison singing, to an introspective walk through the forest featuring the piano punctuated by short choral passages.


The Peace of Wild Things
I Go Among Trees
The Wild Geese
Swallows In Air
Slowly, Slowly They Return
The Frog With Lichened Back
The Winter Wren is Back
On a Forest Path

Perusal scores and audio for the individual movements listed below are available at Click on the button to access each movement; scores may also be purchased at that site. The complete score of all the movements will be available by March 15, 2018. For more information prior to that date please contact me by email directly.

Children of the Light (2014)

SATB, soprano & baritone solo, piano 4 hands. 30’
Level: Intermediate to advanced; limited divisi in all parts
Texts: From Genesis 1, Isaiah 60, Psalm 36, St. Catherine of Siena, John Newell

A moving and inspirational concert work in nine movements. The choral parts are quite approachable, and experienced soprano and baritone soloists are required.


I. And God Said: Chorus
II. Light, Eternal Light: Chorus
III. In Your Light: Baritone solo & Chorus
IV. My Nature is Fire: Soprano solo
V. Hear, O People!: Baritone solo & Chorus
VI. Kyrie Eleison: Chorus
VII. Light of Heaven: Soprano solo & Chorus
VIII. Arise, Shine!: Chorus
IX. Light, Eternal Light/Thanks Be to God: Chorus

Pleasure It Is (2014)

SAB a cappella. 1.5’
Level: Intermediate

A sprightly new setting of William Cornysh’s 16th century poem celebrating spring, truly a spring carol. Accessible for amateur choirs, but rich in harmonies and voice  movements that more advanced choirs will quickly appreciate.

God is Love (2012)

SATB a cappella. 3’
Level: Easy to medium; some divisi in soprano; my choir found it easy to learn.

With a text adapted from various Psalms, this anthem creates an atmosphere of reflection and consolation. It is perhaps most suitable for a worship service. The tenors get to shine in an approachable range and there is some easy divisi for sopranos.

Devotional Chants and Mantras (2011)

Solo voice or unison group singing, optional accompaniment. 53 selections
Level: Easy to learn and sing; can be simply spoken

This collection of chants and mantras is intended for use in one’s personal meditation and prayer. These fifty three short works are melodies that “came to” me at various times over a period of years, from about 1992 to 2011. They have been aids in my own meditation and prayer, and my intention is that they serve that purpose for you.

Many of the chants may also be useful in group worship. Available also on CD.

Many of the lyrics are original with me; and others you will find to be familiar from the Psalms and other writings of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Some are based upon well known Buddhist mantras.

Seven Antiphons for Advent (2011)

Unison voices, optional chordal accompaniment. 4.5’
Level: Easy

These simple unison settings of the Great O Antiphons are ideal for an Advent service. They use a new English translation from the original Latin texts, dating back to at least the 8th century. The texts were adapted in possibly the 12th century to form the basis of the hymn Veni veni Emmanuel, now known as O Come, O Come, Emmanuel. These settings may be sung a cappella or with a simple chordal accompaniment, e.g. harp, guitar or keyboard.

Veni Creator Spiritus (2005)

SATB divisi, a cappella. 5’
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Language: Latin
Text: Most likely by Rabanus Maurus, Archbishop of Mainz (circa 9th century CE)

A dramatic choral setting of Veni Creator Spiritus (Come, Creator Spirit) is one of the great hymns of the Christian tradition. The original melody is thought to be much older. I have included a transcription of the original melody in the score; it is quite effective to sing this, followed by my setting of the text. The work is intended for use in concert rather than in a liturgical setting. For the complete text of Veni Creator Spiritus with translation click here (link to a new page on my site with text & translation)

Kyrie Eleison (2001)

SATB divisi, a cappella. 9’
Level: Advanced

This dramatic and personal setting of Kyrie eleison is perhaps more suitable for concert use rather than in a liturgical setting.

Wake Up Children (1997)

SATB a cappella, soprano descant. 4’
Level: Intermediate

Here is a joyful and optimistic original in a straightforward gospel style. It features lively rhythms throughout and solo descant for your strongest soprano.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven (1996)

SSATB a cappella. 2.5’
Level: Early Intermediate

This setting of the Lord’s Prayer is very expressive and quite accessible for amateur choirs. It was composed for an unaccompanied SATB choir and contains a few measures of simple divisi in the soprano part. A rehearsal keyboard reduction is included.

Noel (1995)

SSATB a cappella. 3’
Level: Intermediate

This setting of a poem by Elaine Haas is an intimate depiction of the mother and child at the manger; it evokes the mystery of the birth of Jesus.

O Sabbath Rest of Galilee (1995)

SATB divisi, a cappella, soprano solo. 2’
Level: Advanced
Text: John Greenleaf Whittier

A setting of two verses from Whittier’s great hymn Dear Lord and Father of Mankind. I dedicated it to my teacher, Mel Powell, who years before had introduced me to Charles Ives’ beautiful setting of them, titled Serenity. The influence of Ives may show through a bit.

O Lord, if my lips could sing (1998)

SATB, organ. 1.5’
Level: Easy
Text: from a Jewish hymn, 3rd – 5th centuries CE

This short anthem functions well as a call to worship.

Audio Coming Soon

Make a Joyful Noise (1998)

SATB, organ. 1.5’
Level: Intermediate
Text: Psalm 100

A high energy rendition of Psalm 100, featuring driving syncopated rhythms and exciting but approachable harmonic changes. An experienced choir will enjoy the challenge; the congregation will wake up.

Audio Coming Soon

O Sing Unto the Lord (1997)

SATB, piano 4 hands. 4.5’
Level: Early Intermediate

A joyous setting of passages from Psalms 96 & 98 that begins with a grand Alleluia; suitable as an anthem for all faiths.

Audio Coming Soon

Suite of English Lyrics (1981, rev. 2009)

SSATB, baritone solo a cappella. 12’
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Language: Middle English


I. I sing of a maiden (SATB)
II. Adam lay ybounden (SATB)
III. Ich am of Irland (SSA)
IV. Westron Wind (SATB, baritone solo)
V. Jesu Crist, myn leman swete (SATB)
VI. Alas! Deceite (SATB)

This suite is a setting of six anonymous sacred and secular English lyrics dating from the 14th and 15th centuries. For me, a great part of their beauty lies in their touching simplicity and directness of expression.

Audio Coming Soon

I Sing of a Maiden (1981, rev. 2009)

SATB a cappella.  2′
Level: Intermediate
Language: Middle English

With its touching simplicity and subtle imagery this anonymous poem (ca. 1400) is regarded as one of the greatest lyric poems of the Middle English period. It is a beautiful and intimate description of the conception of Jesus. This four-part setting features rich but spare harmonies. It is the first work in my Suite of English Lyrics, a setting of six anonymous sacred and secular lyrics.

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