Vocal Solo

Vocal Solo

Devotional Chants and Mantras (2011)

Solo voice or unison group singing, optional accompaniment. 53 selections
Level: Easy to learn and sing; can be simply spoken

This collection of chants and mantras is intended for use in one’s personal meditation and prayer. These fifty three short works are melodies that “came to” me at various times over a period of years, from about 1992 to 2011. They have been aids in my own meditation and prayer, and my intention is that they serve that purpose for you.

Many of the chants may also be useful in group worship. Available also on CD.

Many of the lyrics are original with me; and others you will find to be familiar from the Psalms and other writings of the Judeo-Christian tradition. Some are based upon well known Buddhist mantras. For complete texts click here.

The Signature of All Things (2009)

Baritone, oboe, piano. 13’
Text: Kenneth Rexroth. Settings of his three-part nature poem of the same title

I. Falling
II. The Oak Grove
III. Phosphorescence

The first performance took place October 29, 2009 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The ensemble consisted of Jack Brown (baritone), Lyndon Moors (oboe) and myself (piano).

Four Sacred Songs (1995, rev. 2009)

Soprano, piano; also available for medium voice. 11’
Texts: Psalms 121 & 23, John Newell 

I. I lift up mine eyes
II. The Lord is my shepherd
III. Sing, oh my soul
IV. I thank thee, God

These four psalms are appropriate for concert use or in a religious service. The first performance took place at Simons Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with Sarah Novak, soprano.

“With the composer at the piano, Novak did full justice to the sinuous vocal lines that flowed gently with just a hint of near-eastern inflection.”

– Berkshire Record

O Lord, You have searched me and found me (2008)

Voice, organ. 4’
Text: Psalm 139

A setting of this great psalm that is appropriate for concert use or in a religious service.

Audio Coming Soon

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (2002)

Tenor or soprano, piano. 3’

Text: Christopher Marlowe. A simple setting of this great love poem in a somewhat modernized Elizabethan “lute song” style: “Come be with me and be my love…” The performance took place on July 6, 2002 by Bradford Fisk (tenor) and Beverly Bowman (piano) at my wedding to the darling Linda Courtney in Worthington, Massachusetts.

Sonnet 115 (1994)

Soprano or tenor, piano. 3’

Text: William Shakespeare: “Those lines that I before have writ do lie, Even those that said I could not love you dearer….. Love is a babe; then might I not so so, To give full growth to that which still doth grow”

Audio Coming Soon

Poems for Loving (1982)

Baritone, clarinet in A. 5’

Text: Lyn Horton

Audible (1977)

Soprano, percussion solo. 10’

“…a motionless beauty…as delicate and as pretty a piece for voice and percussion as I can imagine.”      

– The Reader (Chicago)

Audio Coming Soon

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